Five Things Friday


WOW I am up early. I would wake up at 6am on my second day of summer. Because what else would I want to do? Sleep? Hah. Who needs sleep, right?

Unfortunately, I do. :(

Moving on from my sad state of sleep deprivation, happy Friday! In my current state of summer delirium I had absolutely no idea what to post this morning, and then caught a glimpse of the title of Brittany’s post. Perfect!

Five Things I Think About While Running.

  1. “The pancakes in that restaurant look spectacular. Why are they not in my life right now? Oh yeah…I’m running. Why am I doing that again?”
  2. “My right shoelace is tied 1.1 times tighter than the left. Ugh. Should I stop and fix it? But I don’t wanna pause RunKeeper. “
  3. “I LOVE the Jonas Brothers! I don’t care what anyone says. They are the JAM.”
  4. “I wonder what it means when your fingernails sweat.”
  5. “This is a fast song. I should sprint!! Wow, I’m really tired now. That was a bad idea.”tumblr_mp3v1jXevZ1r0r785o1_1280

Five Songs That Make Life Better

  1. Two Lights – Five For Fighting
  2. Taylor – Jack Johnson
  3. She Is – The Fray
  4. A Dustland Fairytale – The Killers
  5. ÆØÅ – Kollektivettumblr_mblkometZg1rw8lgi

Five Things I Do Every Morning.

  1. Amanda was right! All I saw was the candy!
  2. Curse the dishwasher gods for destroying my peaceful slumber.
  3. “WHY AM I SO ITCHY?!”
  4. “Oh. Em. Gee. There’s a murderer beside my bed. We’re all going to dieeeee!!! Oh wait. That’s my lamp.”
  5. “I wish you could invent a machine that sleeps for you.”IMG_0574

Five Nemeses to Productivity.

  1. “Where’s my phone?”
  2. Candy. Crush.
  3. The Deathly Hallows (book). For the fifteenth time. Again.
  4. The fact that I live beside an organic food store and could spend hours browsing.
  5. “Are you sure I can’t just go running instead?!”


Five Recipes That Need To Be in My Life ASAP.

  1. Peanut Butter Fro-Yo
  2. Banana Mocha Protein Shake
  3. Avocado Chicken Quesadillas
  4. Chocolate Chip Fit Bars
  5. Double Blueberry Flaxseed Pancakes


Tell me one of your “Five Things”!


  1. Woah that peanut butter fro yo sounds delicious! so glad you linked to the recipe!

  2. Oooo! I like this… I think I’ma steal this for one of those brain dead blogging days.

    5 Songs that make life better:

    Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
    Counting Stars – One Republic
    Suppermassive Black Hole – Muse
    Let Her Go – Passenger
    Karma Police – Radiohead

  3. Hey Emma! Thanks so much for the shout out girl! I’m addicted to those quesadillas- anything carby with avocado sounds good to me haha ;) And I have definitely thought my big lamp was an intruder in the past! Scary stuff haha. Hope you had a great weekend!

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